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Thread: The Pacemaker

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    The Pacemaker

    I am reading a book on all different things about end of life and found the following interesting. I never would have thought of this.

    The Pacemaker

    Cremating a body with a pacemaker or any radiation producing device can cause damage to the cremation chamber and/or to the person performing the cremation. If you have such an electronic aid, it will need to be removed prior to the cremation. You might check with the cremation service to determine the cost of having the pacemaker removed.

    A pacemaker can be donated for use in animals with a medical need for service. If you are interested in making such donation, you can ask your local veterinarian to refer you to an animal clinic that performs the procedure, and then arrange to have it removed prior to your burial or cremation

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    Interesting! I know when my mother was cremated, I asked about her hip replacement and they said they recycled those types of materials. I hope she was being truthful.
    Surely no one gets by for cremation without being checked for a pacemaker. I think it's pretty easy to see through the skin. (the raised outline of it).

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