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Thread: Rob's Worst Nightmare!

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    Rob's Worst Nightmare!

    For so many reasons this is Rob's worst nightmare!
    2 Cops Allegedly Attack Domino’s Pizza Manager For Missed Delivery

    “What can I do? He’s a police officer. I can’t do anything back,” the manager said about the incident.

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    This reminds me of Rosebud, Texas where the police chief sexually assaulted a woman over a period of months. He threatened to revoke her probation if she refused to submit to the assaults.

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    Thank all that is Holy for HuffPo “reaching out” to the police department to get news. But wait—where is the phone video? If it isnt on video, did it really happen?

    Let the lwild awsuit rumpus begin. Pension money for everyone!
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    We had a total asshole cop two years ago observe an illegally parked van, with three people in it.

    He opened it up without a warrant, and dragged the driver and two passengers from the car. He was so aggressive that they were unconscious and needed medical treatment by the time he was done.

    The van was on fire and filled with smoke. The officer, with *no* protective equipment, made entry into the van and saved the lives of those people, at considerable risk to himself. He then performed CPR on one of the victims until medics showed up.

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