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Thread: Depositing a cheque twice?

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    Depositing a cheque twice?

    Is this a Canadian issue or is it worldwide? Deposit a cheque via smart phone and then deposit it again at an ATM? Double dipping?

    i was made aware of the smart phone app that lets one deposit an image in one's bank account but this risk of double deposit is new to me.

    "The apps themselves aren't the problem, according to banking security expert Wisniewski, a research scientist at the cyber security company Sophos. Instead, the issue is old banking methods that aren't working well with new technologies.

    "Well, we're kind of using 19th-century technology colliding with our smartphones, and it's just complicated," he said.

    He said double presentment is most difficult to catch when the same cheque is deposited once using the app and again using the physical cheque through an ATM or with a teller.

    "By doing one electronic and one paper, that can throw their systems off and make it much more difficult to detect, or doing it at multiple financial institutions can also break those detection algorithms. So that's usually what we're seeing when it's successful," said Wisniewski."

    The article also mentions avoiding cheques by paying via email.

    "His advice is don't rely on the banks' systems to detect it, because "they're not being terribly aggressive about it." And stop using paper cheques. Instead, use email for direct transfers even for small amounts.
    I am treasurer for a small non-profit organization and use cheques. How does one pay using email? I pay my personal expenses with online banking. But, as a treasurer, how would one pay a landscaper for snow removal or donate to other non-profit groups via email?
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    PayPal or Venmo

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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    How does one pay using email? I pay my personal expenses with online banking. But, as a treasurer, how would one pay a landscaper for snow removal or donate to other non-profit groups via email?
    Our credit union, which also offers "business" accounts, lets us use their BillPay feature to pay anyone. If the payee accepts Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), the payment is made over the Internet from whichever account we specify. If they do not accept EFT (for example, our garbage hauler is paper-only), BillPay cuts a paper check and sends it to the payee via U.S. mail.

    PayPal or Venmo or Zelle (offered by a number of U.S. banks as a competitive payment system) also are options.

    How many of these options are present in Canada I can't say.
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    When we deposit a scanned check, it appears as a pending transaction on our account in a minute or two. In the early days of the account, my wife mistakenly tried depositing the paper check through an ATM as well, but it didn't clear. It must happen a lot, because the bank didn't even charge a fee (the first time, anyway).

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    When I deposit checks via the citibank atm the money gets debited from the person's account very quickly (usually SO's account when he reimburses me his share of our monthly rent). Quickly enough that I assume that citibank's atms use the same electronic method that their smartphone app uses for scanned checks. I imagine that they would catch a duplicate.

    When paying bills I always use my credit union's bill pay system. It saves me the $.33 that the check cost to be printed, plus the $.49 that a stamp costs. Not to mention that it's faster and easier for me to just plug the bill amount into their web site and click submit.

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