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Thread: The Flu

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    Quote Originally Posted by Float On View Post
    I heard on the news there was a 2nd late round of flu and for people to not let their guard down. Had a friend's dad die from complications of it last week.
    It is nasty stuff. My dad didn't make it through. I've run into so many people who say the fatigue and cough lasts for a long time. Not surprised it would make a secod coming.

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    I feel fortunate that we have avoided it this year. DH gets a flu shot, I dont. Some of the people I knew w who had it are youngish and in bery good physical shape and synthey never get sick.

    Tybee, if you are jus now coming down with it, I am sorry for you. Ihope you can clear ypir schedule for 2-3 weeks to rest while it rums its course.

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    CathyA, keep your head up when sleeping. Use a wedge, a bunch of pillows or sleep in a recliner. The doctor told us this is important to avoid pneumonia and other nasty lung infections. Does something to the mucous. This is dangerous stuff.

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    Thanks, IL, I have made the commitment to spend the week in bed. I am fevery and dizzy and don't have to leave the house to work. In fact, I am going to go upstairs right now and go back to bed--stocked up on library videos and will nap and loll around until Friday--I already worked my hours this morning, the one wonderful benefit of working at home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyA View Post
    This flu is so weird. DH is mostly just totally exhausted. Unfortunately, he had to go to work. I thought I saw a glimmer of hope last evening. I actually had enough energy to do several days of dishes that had just sat there, and my temp was down to 99.2.
    But then my mouth dried out horrible and my head got all stuffy and I sneezed alot. Today I'm feeling crummy again and have a big cough. Very strange virus. And drinking tons of water doesn't seem to help anything.
    Gatorade helps a lot. I drank about two bottles of it in the orange flavor. Not the healthiest thing, but my dry mouth and throat felt better after the first few sips.

    I'm still exhausted as well.

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