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As a lifelong watercolor painter, sketcher, quilter, Potter, glassworker etc. my only suggestion is to do whatever you want to do. No rules, no pressure, just personal enrichment. And do what you enjoy the most.

My whole life I have heard “you should sell your ...”. I have sold some pieces, especially Pottery, but only because my house is full. The money I get goes to supplies. I have blue ribbon quilts that I have on my beds and walls, I use them everyday, plus an heirloom quilt for each grandchild put away.

The biggest lesson I ever learned was years ago I had a quilt hanging in a show that I loved. A girlfriend and I were standing near it and an observer said “who would put those god awful colors together”. I thought we would die laughing. Anyway, it got a ribbon in the show so somebody liked it, and someone wanted to buy it. I can see it right now on the back of the couch.
In another show I had made a New York Beauty quilt. I had a pile of colored fabric that I had put together, but randomly picked them out of a bag. It got a blue ribbon with the comment “beautiful color placement”

so just enjoy.
I so admire quilters. It's a beautiful medium, and aside from having to visualize how all those pieces of fabric should come together, quilters engage in a very time-consuming task! I don't have the patience for that kind of work.

I love drawing, although I just picked it up again after a very, very long absence. It's very meditative, and I like drawing in charcoal or black and white as opposed to color because I can concentrate on form and shadow.

I just started drawing again as a way to absorb some of the knowledge I've been exposed to in my Master Gardener class. With so much to learn about plants and trees and shrubs, I started drawing botanicals in order to help cement them in my mind--and also to appreciate their beauty.