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Thread: Toon blast game

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    Toon blast game

    I am hooked on this game! Seems funny since i have a lot of creative hobbies and meditation that i do. I find it a stress reliever to play it. I even joined a team, don't know anyone IRL but I still like it. Now i am at level 312 and 4th on the team. I am stuck (waiting 30 minute for a new life) but it is still fun. At this level i can spend a day or more at the same level just trying again to pass it everytime i get a new life. I think it helps me think less and obsess less.

    Anyone try it or another game?

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    I like the Jewels games, Mah Jongg and word search. With spring coming (it is coming right? Snow flurries yesterday and more predicted for the week ahead) I'll be playing a lot less though.

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    I like Red Herring, Jumble, and Seven Little Words, among others.

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