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Thread: Disappointed in California's Governor today......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Medical tourism is big business for Mexico as it is for some other countries. I too doubt it has anything to do with any warm and fuzzy feelings for people.
    TT, of course you are right here.....medical tourism is all about business for Mexico and given that affordable health care for the masses is not an American priority (remember this on July 4th, folks!) a growing business for Mexico (and other countries) indeed it is.

    OTOH - imagine if you could not access health care in the US you truly needed but simply crossing a border put said health care within economic reach? Would you ever see America the same way again? And even more relevant, would you not feel some warmth/gratitude towards Mexico (or whatever other medical tourism country) for putting said health care within economic reach? Food for thought here...........Rob

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    I needed an entire mouthful of dental implants and did consider going to Mexico because of the cost. People fly all over the world for cheaper dental care. In the end I found someone in KS to do the work and it cost a third of what I would have paid here.

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