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Thread: Comey's interview..........

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    Comey's interview..........

    Anyone else watch it? I did. He's pretty articulate and seems to really try to be truthful.....even saying when he probably should have done/said something differently.
    He seems very reasonable and trustworthy to me.
    Anyone watch it?

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    Yes, I saw it, and he certainly trumps Trump in terms of reasonable discourse. I'm sure he has his own personal agenda in terms of going public with all this, and I agree that he probably should have done some things differently (but he admits it). Overall, I think he came across as sincere and honest as anybody in Washington can.
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    I watched excerpts of the interview and i would say that Comey does come across as sane and somewhat believable. I'd much rather he were President than who we are still stuck with. Comey comes across as a great deal less toxic to me than Trump does. Rob

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    I liked what the Washington Post said about him: "Comey isn't just the kind of writer who quotes Shakespeare, but the kind who quotes himself quoting Shakespeare."

    If he could get past his own epic self-regard, I might be more open hear to his self-justification. I swear this country hasn't produced a decent political memoir since Grant's autobiography.

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