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Thread: Good fences make good neighbors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Float On View Post
    I've often wondered if surveys can change over time due to where our planet is in it's rotation around the sun or how the moon effects the tides or something. The empty lot next to us has been surveyed 3 times over the last 25 years and they've moved the pins each time! Thankfully they find out it's still unbuildable so it's just woods. I've also noticed that survey maps of my hometown which had a building boom in the 1880's the lines are always angled a bit and on small city lots tend to cut into the corner of houses even.
    The properties here, go at an angle (don't remember the degree's). There are many now, that just automatically assume the properties are straight and when shown the angle, there tends to be a lot of ahemming. (clearing of throat, etc)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tenngal View Post
    some cities have "setback" requirements for fences and out bldgs. Which means you cannot build on the line. Check it out.
    This is an issue for me, due to borders of a wall, building/easement and the way it all falls. If the renters in back have a dog, it will be a problem for me to be in my own yard.

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    Definitely talk to the city folks. Lots of fence regulations in my town.

    We put in an 8 foot high wood fence (yeah, megabucks) but it keeps the deer out and I can walk around the yard and sun bathe au naturel

    We discussed the fencing thoroughly with our neighbors, too.

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    Oh, and never assume that because a bunch of people have a certain fence that it is allowable. One person complained when their permit was denied and the inspectors found that 9 or more neighbors had "illegal" fences. Really a hot spot in this certain historic neighborhood. People just don't know or don't check first. Now they all have to apply for a variance and this neighborhood is notorious for saying no.

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