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Thread: colorado teacher walk outs

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    colorado teacher walk outs

    This week we have a couple walk outs planned for teachers, 2 major districts are cancelling all or part of a day of school to support the walk outs. here is the story

    Our department decided to offer care for the kids who are already in our programs starting that mid-day time. I think it will be fun to have a longer day with them, and more work of course. I already had the students do the planning. Lots of parents are soooo very grateful that we are offering care, but we are also sad that we can't be there. Colorado is 48 on the funding per student I believe, and one of the most highly educated states. We see positions cut every year, good teachers being bounced around or having to take on larger loads to just keep the system going, of course along with all the increases in testing, oversight, accountability, etc. You all have heard my job situation, If I had the job and work load I had even 2 years ago it would be much easier to have a personal life.

    Seems like all over the education system is either going to be supported or crack, we are at a breaking point.

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    Arizona teachers are walking out on Thursday. No one knows for how long, or how this is going to play out. Bottom line is the state legislature has to restore education funding to levels of 10 years ago which would require an additional $1 Billion in revenues - that would just get us back to the national average.
    I agree that education has taken the brunt of the economic hit from the Great Recession, so actually I'm surprised it took teachers this long to fight back.

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