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Thread: how to respond, job is reposted

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    I got a teaching job once that was reposted. The first time around they had several hundred applicants, then the funding was held up, so they didn't interview or hire. When the funding came through, they reposted, mine was the first application in. They had to wait the required 3 days to see how many applications they would get, but I was the only person interviewed and I was hired on the spot.

    This happened with my grandson, although it was not a professional job but retail. He decided to go see the manager, reiterate that he really wanted to work there and ask him what would make him change his mind and hire him. Turned out, the person who was hired had been late the first 2 days, and hadn't arrived yet that day. Manager said, "you were my second choice, you have a job if you will stay and work today. I need someone responsible with initiative."
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    Zoe girl, is NOT contacting them going to increase the odds of a hire?

    i have been much more aggressive in communicating what I want to my administration this year. It is working out pretty well. Sometimes we see ourselves as being pushy when we have actually only risen to the level of barely visible on the radar. I think that may be particularly common with women in service professions.

    i went from a note on my annual class proposal saying “I would like to be considered if something in this area becomes available.” To “I heard that this person may not be returning. I want her job.” (To which my boss replied “thank you, that’s one less thing I have to worry about. I’ll let you know when we need something from you in writing.”) - somewhere there is probably a Zoe girl who will be thinking “I would have loved to apply for this job, but they filled it without even taking applications.” - previously me.

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    If you asked, who would ypu be asking? Could you get through on the phone to real decision makers, or would ypi be talking to generic personnel people in HR? I am not sure that HR could tell you anything substantive.

    But it wouldnt hurt to inquire about this new posting to find out more about it.

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    I would reapply or contact them. Sometimes jobs are reposted automatically.

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    I would call and see what's up.

    If they decided not to hire you, it was very rude not to inform you of their decision.

    And it might be that they just need a bigger pool of applicants to meet requirements.

    Good luck!

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