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Thread: Not hearing back

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    or what if they think you are a dweeb? How does the hiring manager communicate that?!!! Haha. We all probably fear that, but most of the time rejections come from there being a better candidate in terms of experience and personal qualities.
    So true. I once had a candidate arrive in "wife beater" tank top, cut off shorts and sandals. my first question was: What are your 3 strengths that you bring to this role? "I'm a rock star".

    Ummmmmm, that interview ended in 10 minutes (yes, I did ask some more questions) and he did not get the usual tour and meet/greet of the team and department.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveinMN View Post
    Then there are the folks who want to know why they didn't get the position -- understandable, but a difficult question for those involved to answer on the spot. I think I'd rather know why I didn't get the job (or wasn't a frontrunner) whether it was because I lacked the experience they sought or that information simply wasn't prominent on my resume.
    I really wanted to know about the last 2 jobs I applied for. One I can figure that I didn't connect as well with the students as another teacher might. They also commented on me looking at notes. I watch other teachers and with a new curriculum they often look at notes. However I would like to know.
    The other one they commented that I was perhaps over qualified, and I feel I answered that well. However sometimes when a candidate appears overqualified they think they will leave the position quickly. I would have really like to know if that was the case so I would know what I should apply for next,

    In any case I know I have done it in hiring. My latest candidate had to ask us to repeat ourselves 3 times in the interview, and we run a noisy program. I wasn't sure if there are legal issues to telling her that, so I just dropped it. It was a 15 hour a week aide position,

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