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Thread: Anyone watching the migrant caravan?

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    it is not easy to find the right path to choose regarding refugees and migrants. Canada is struggling. Everyone is a migrant or child of a migrant in the past searching for a better life. Man originally came and migrated from Africa according to research.

    Where does one draw the line? Who should do this? When should it be done? To whom should it be done? I don't have the answers and, so far, I have heard/read no one who can fully justify their choice taking into account the right to protect oneself from life-threatening danger from those migrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyA View Post
    I'm just curious to ask those of you who want everyone in who comes to our border......where do you think this will lead, in terms of population growth, education, poverty, over-crowding, resources, etc.?
    Not everyone who wants to come can be admitted, but given declining birthrates and an aging population we need some immigrants paying into the Social Security system if I am ever going to collect.

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