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Thread: found home for plants

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    found home for plants

    This next door app is so nice. I saw a post by someone looking for plants (especially with a history?). In any case as I prepare to move I have too many plants and this is a perfect situation. She is coming over this afternoon to look at the ones I want to find a home for. My sister came to get a rocking chair that has been in the family and she took the largest hanging plant, which is awesome because if I get a place that has room for a larger plant then I will be able to take it back.

    Things that have moved on
    * the rocking chair (sister)
    * vintage hospital table (got $30)
    * random blankets, curtains and a whole bin of carpet squares I thought I was going to use for a classroom (goodwill)

    Need to go
    * fabric chair
    * antique dresser
    * loveseat
    * desk

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    That's great that you have someone to take your plants. I signed up to get Next door communications, but haven't really done anything with it.

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    All of our lilac bushes in Hermann burst into bloom this week (and I have a cold and cant smell them, poop!) so now that they are out, I will mark them, giving several away. Our close friend bought country property and wants all flowering perennials that we will give to her.

    Win/win. Some of these lilacs are nice hybrid varieties but since they havent been pruned in forever, they are leggy.

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