I saw my supervisor of the previous 3 years, and I wish I had her back. She is having a really rough year as well. She says the new director and new second in command say it is not about people. She is doing work for her staff so that she is not in a position to write them up. There are many cases of un-equal treatment, such as the preschool supervisors not treated with as much respect. She has been looking for jobs as well, not finding much, I offered to be a reference if she needs it. She has 17 years in the department and this is the most difficult year.

It was nice, I liked her before she was my supervisor, we had a rough year which I have to take some responsibility for, and I liked her overall last year. I guess I am going through a huge process right now with counseling, meds to not let the anxiety rule me and some honesty that is making me a different person. A friend I reconnected with over the last 6 months and is training as a personal coach just said she has seen a big change.