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Thread: Did you know?????

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    Did you know?????

    Reading the directions for pressure cooking chick peas in Lorna Sass’s “Complete Vegetarian Kitchen”, I was struck by little bits of information that I found helpful so sharing.
    * slice a soaked bean in half with a paring knife. If there is an opaque spot in the centre, it needs more soaking. If the bean is all one colour, get cooking.
    * I knew soaking reduced cooking time but didn’t know soaking improves the taste and permits the gas-producing sugars in beans (flatulence) to be released into the soaking water that is discarded.
    * are large spruce cones good for mulch and should I compost the tamarack needles? Yes!
    The cones will break down more slowly and walking might be a more slippery. The needles while more acidic at first will resist breaking down due to the wax coating but will be neutral when composted.

    What have you discovered recently that you found interesting?
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    That is good to know about pressure cooking chick peas. thanks for sharing.
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    I learned to get the miter saw blade whirling around at full speed before slicing through the wood in order to get a cleaner cut.

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