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Thread: May Frugals!

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    I was tempted to take a yoga class but the staff were distant so I have put that idea on the shelf. This time of year I get enough exercise doing yardwork.

    Believe it or not I am starting on Christmas gifts as I like to prepay expenses and then have slack in my budget for any emergencies that may arise.

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    Yppej: Sister and I were talking about a yoga class. That's a good point and maybe it's something we should do in the winter after leaf-raking exercise is done. Shoveling exercise is less predictable!

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    A few more frugals for the month:

    - brought DW's car in to have the winter tires swapped for the summer tires. Usually we swap the tires with the bi-annual oil change and it costs a small amount. But this swap turned out to be "free" because we were at the store that sold us both sets of tires and they offer free rotations for the tires. These tires just happened to be rotated into and out of our garage.

    - bought the groceries for a cabin weekend with buddies and was over-reimbursed (with their knowledge) by enough of them that I got more money back than I spent.

    - still getting discounts at the coffee shop for bringing in my own containers. $2 a pound if they don't give me one of those paper bags with the metal strip on top...!

    - bought the next bag of dog kibble at the store with a celebrate-our-birthday coupon and with our quarterly "rewards" check. Makes this bag about half the price.
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