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Thread: May Frugals!

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    Jun 2015
    I have started planting my garden.

    Started in my portable greenhouse from seed: 20 cucumbers (english and lemon), 20 eggplant, 20 green beans. Purchased at my organic farmer's place: 11 tomatoes.

    I have plenty of work left for tomorrow. It started lightening/thunder and DH thought we should come inside. Silly man It poured and now it's simply raining.

    The fruits of our labor will fill the freezer with ratatouille and the shelves with salsa. SUPER frugal!

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    I shopped around and got 4 pairs of sandals for what one pair would have cost me at DSW. That is all I should need for summer for clothing, though I may get a couple cheap T shirts to avoid doing laundry as often. With less bulk in my clothes in the summer it takes longer to get to a full load of laundry and utility costs are high in my region so I try to maximize each load.

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