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Thread: Raining and moving!

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    Raining and moving!

    Oh this happened 3 years ago when I moved in, heavy heavy rain for weeks leading up to my move. I had overlapped my leases a lot because I assumed I coudl do the moving with some teenager help. Then I had to hire movers to get it done quickly, I love movers honestly. Now I am trying to just get things into storage so I can see what space I have in storage or what I can move, but geez, this is crazy. And in Colorado we don't have that much rain, except on years and months that I move apparently.

    Sigh, if I can't get more done now I will have to skip out the 5K I planned with my running team of girls and do it then. They have 3 coaches but I hate to miss it. That is about 2 weeks off so maybe I can still pull this off.

    I usually really like rainy weather, it is not typical for us here.

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    I would like to play a fox trot record for you, in memory of a tight band, The Famous Players, and the organizer, Sam Lanin. They recorded about 91 years ago.

    In our neck of the woods the fire danger is extreme, and we need all the rain we can get.

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