I spent two hours, and DH spent several more hours, helping our friend move stuff from his house. 30 years accumulation of stuff. He is leaving it all behind, moving across the country with only items he can fit into his small pickup truck.

He had an estate sale that generated a total of $6,000 and he split proceeds with the company. Then, we came through his house to cherry pick from remaining items, taking vintage/collectible/antique pieces for the booth that benefits our Park Conservancy. Half of our garage is full with thus stuff.

Next in line will be the Methodist Church. Those representatives will grab useful, functional household items for their program of settingup households.

whatever is left, and that is a LOT, goes to the landfill. He has plans to take up to 3 loads in his pickup, using our address and the address of a neighbor to get his once-a-month bulk dump useage.

I am mad at the estate sale people for pricing items so high at his sale. Craploads were left.

oh, we took his nice quality futon for free for our Hermann house, and we bought his gas grill for Hermann, so we did get two items we needed.

He has an 8’ bookcase, antique with leaded glass doors, that they put $2200 as a price on. No bites. The thing is huge and so heavy. Now he will just give it away, but who has a truck and muscles to move this on short notice? He has 48 hours.
we didnt take this for our Park’s booth because we just did not want to wrestle it around.