As it gets close to the end of the school year I get reflective. I am seeing the impact especially this year of our new team energy. I really took for granted the team we had the last couple of years. We had some positive bonds, at least I felt encouraged to do my very best work. Of course mistakes, but they were in context such as if everyone struggled with the same thing you could learn from each other and not feel as bad.

There is also a team dynamic to our meditation group. We have 4 facilitators and one is moving, already had his wok schedule change and can't come. Another is pregnant with twins, unlikely to see her for awhile. So the 2 of us left are figuring this out and trying to find some new people to share the work with. Mostly we have a rotating group but drop in, so that energy is a little disconnected. Also the head of our lineage is being investigated for sexual misconduct, we are all sittin in not-knowing, that also affects our group. It also affects our group to have people of all different backgrounds and experience levels. I kinda love it when someone just starting out comes. They have some excited energy with them.

My goal next year is to be really positive with our team, I have been fighting the negative stuff so much. That may still be there but I can support the group. This last year we were all experienced and independent, not needing each other so much.