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Thread: Refugee welfare fraud in Minnesotapo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    So my sister said that many immigrants in England are not working and paying into the system. She now lives in Australia and if you are illegal you can never become a citizen. They allow people in from the refugee camps and they are vetted first. They have a quota of people they take each year.
    remember there was a woman here who moved to New Zealand with her husband and son. I believe the child was named Hawk or something like that

    she had had a business, maybe a yoga studio, her husband worked and they wanted to stay but were told they had to leave.

    Australia does not have birth right citizenship either. I’m surprised that has not been changed.

    plus there is no such thing as free healthcare. Another person is always paying for you, not the government.

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    She told me if you are working you pay and if retired you do not. She married an Australian so that is how she is living there.

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