I had a horrible morning, a lot of stress that actually prompted me to call HR. That is a recurring story so whatever. I am learning slowly some survival skills for the workplace, and it is end of year evaluations. I am working on mine (14 pages of records and data!). We have until Thursday to complete them because,..

Then this afternoon I got the results of my parent surveys!! And we did so well. I had 7 parent comments, one was a paragraph shout out that named me specifically and had some all caps. The others we shorter, shouted out my team and talked about how well the team works together. Considering that did not go well last year and in fall it is really great to have the improvement noticed. One said "the staff at C under the leadership of ZG are wonderful, " " ZG's disposition of kind and nurturing which shows in the way she runs her program and treats our kids." plus " Good people develop good people and that is what is being cultivated at C"

Considering I was just told on Friday that I am still insubordinate this is especially awesome.

And I found out officially from HR that in my exempt job classification I have the choice if I send or answer an email on a day I am sick or scheduled off, my department cannot expect or pressure me to work on a sick day. However in contradiction to what I was told on Friday I will not get in trouble for sending an email when I have a day off. I followed that up with an email to my supervisor.