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Thread: Contagious disease and immunizations

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    I saw this. My oldest cannot get the pertussis vaccine for medical reasons and it is scary. When she was little we lived in Boulder CO, the home of anti-vax. Whooping cough went through town a couple times and I kept her away from other kids. Honestly one of the reasons we homeschooled for a few years was that, the severe excema and peanut allergy.

    My MIL had a mild case of polio when she was young and an impact on her health for life. People have not had to deal with death and disability from these diseases and it shows. Meanwhile they put everyone at risk!

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    When I had the measles (I'm a survivor! ) the very worst thing was that I couldn't read (it might damage my eyes!). Since I was then, and am now, accustomed to spending nearly every waking moment focused on the printed page, (or now screen), I was truly miserable. Two weeks!

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    I remember having German Measles and lying there in my parents' darkened room waiting for the doctor to come visit. They made housecalls then.
    I also remember the whole town walking down to the school and lining up for the polio vaccine on sugar cubes. We were all so grateful; everyone knew someone who had suffered with polio, and the vaccine seemed like an amazing blessing.

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    I recall the story from many years ago of an elementary school teacher. She was newly pregnant and had a student who came to class with German measles. He infected her and her baby was born with severe brain damage.
    My point is that those who decide against vaccination don't seem willing to admit how much they are putting others in danger, e.g., pregnant women, infants, the chronically ill, and elderly who are most vulnerable to adverse affects of these "mild" diseases.

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