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Thread: empathetic people,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    ?..I can’t explain why I could look upon an obviously dead monarch butterfly along a rails to trails path with empathy in the afternoon and in the morning view the obituary of someone who died a violent death with impassivity.

    Your empathy meter is going in and out unreliably. Should get that thang checked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Float On View Post
    If I don't continually redirect and get back on track in the conversation I could find myself in an hour or longer conversation where they continually try to get more out of me.
    I had a situation before I learned that with a difficult person who kept me while she was talking for so long I almost fainted. I was pregnant and was always needing to eat and she was just NOT getting it. Her roommate finally stepped in and helped me just leave. I can't even remember why I was at her apartment but I never interacted with her again. I consider myself good at deflecting and sometimes I basically need to get rude, but the people like that tend to get used to people being rude to them.

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