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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    Many of our neighbors who don't recycle cite that as their reason for not doing so.
    I think that's a cop-out. As part of my Master Gardener class our County Waste Management director gave us a 3-hour lesson on what happens when things are recycled. It's a fairly complex process, of course, which means that things do fall through the cracks. But some of it is because people don't do their job in recycling properly.
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    I have been buying maple syrup in glass bottles with plastic lids. This morning I opened a new bottle - trash = plastic safety wrap over neck/lid and foam inner seal.

    yesterday I found an Etsy sight where I can order my syrup at a comparable price directly from the producer in a completely metal can.

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    And with China now refusing some recycling our local program will no longer accept any "clamshell" type container or water bottles. No, they didn't tell us which # plastics they will take. instead a list of descriptions.

    I will not be driving plastics 10hours roundtrip to the nearest large recycling center. Thanks Mr President for pissing off China.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken lady View Post
    So, happystuff, how do you completely avoid buying plastic? What does your grocery shopping look like? That is the biggest problem for me (second is feed bags, I have no way to get feed not in plastic bags), do you buy only 100% natural fiber clothes and shoes?
    I agree that is it unavoidable to buy NO plastic whatsoever. But, I do not buy cases of water in the small bottles, I'm not buying plastic food storage containers, I look for products in cardboard, wax paper or glass containers. When I do end up getting something that is in plastic, I clean it and recycle it. Actually, I haven't bought new clothes or shoes in about 2 years, but if/when I go looking - yes, I will look at nature fiber clothing first. Will I ever get down to Zero plastics? Probably not, but I can do my best to reduce what I bring in, reuse what I have and recycle as much as possible. Interestingly enough, most of my recycle going out today is cardboard and paper. Every week is different, but this thread at least provoked me to take a closer look around the kitchen and house. Thanks.
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