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Thread: The volcano in Hawaii

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    No joke jp1, the mean girl clique in the office were talking about the volcano today with comments like "Honolulu is on the big island, the one that all the tourists go to". I did not intrude in their conversation.
    Indeed. Someone on Facebook actually asked my Honolulu friend if she was concerned.

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    What some people also don't realize, aside from Honolulu being on a different island, is that the island of Hawaii is 93 miles across. It's not some tiny island that's going to get engulfed. DH was glad to hear that the brewery of his favorite beer is on the west side and safely away from the volcano.

    The nephew of an in-law relative lives in the affected community and as of two weeks ago, expected to lose his house. He's living with friends and given the ramped up activity with new fissures, fissures merging and new lava coming to the surface, I am assuming that it's gone.

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