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Thread: Unemployment: Just sayin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by frugal-one View Post
    Yeah, and Walker is bringing Foxconn at a cost of billions of dollars to supply jobs that WI can’t fill.... and negating EPA regulations (for a foreign company no less) and this company needs 7 million gallons of water PER DAY to operate. Just read they were supposed to build large LCD screens and are now reneging and building small screens. This is one example of a poor Republican! The WI roads are literally falling apart and he gives a $100 credit to each child in the state. I don’t get it! Trying to buy votes? That money does little for the parents but costs taxpayers how much? Trump wants to emulate some of Walker’s policies..... We are in a world of hurt!
    While I think Walker has on balance has been good for Wisconsin, I have mixed feelings on the Foxconn deal. Economic development efforts by governments is very complicated and is more often botched than effective. I do think Walker would have made a better president than the present incumbent. That may in part may be why so many people inside and outside Wisconsin are so eager to demonize the guy.

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    I've seen a lot of help wanted signs that I've not noticed before, too. One industrial place had a sign out for assembly line workers starting at $25 and hour the fast food places signs seem to start at $15. plus benefits. I have wondered how limiting immigration might affect some sort of labor shortage for certain type jobs. The younger people in my small circle of acquaintances that are college aged or recent college graduates seem to find work, but much of it is in the service business and not career jobs. There's always work for electricians and plumbers.

    My former employer is offering a fairly attractive wage for entry level professionals but they have cut way back on benefits from just a few years ago.

    Around here housing has gotten fairly expensive, which also means high taxes and insurance. Any government calculations for inflation don't apply to the bare basics of food, shelter and transportation in my area where I'd bet it is significantly higher than the 2 or 3 percent official figure.

    It's sure a lot better than a few years ago, but I would not call it a robust career type job market that affords a decent lifestyle.

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