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Thread: Going to try yoga

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    Going to try yoga

    I am working on my overall healing from stress, high work load, and my mental stuff. So finally have more financial ease and I am going to try yoga. Now to choose a class, I know that I don't want the hot type or the fitness type, more gentle and restorative. I may start with the rec center which looks good. There are also at least 4 local studios to choose from, and several parents at my school are instructors.

    The rec center option is overall good, a membership is good all over Denver and then I could also swim. I could even go after work from my summer camp site.

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    I would recommend either a "yin" yoga class or maybe a Svaroopa yoga class if you can find one. I find both of these types to be very healing and restorative.

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    Great idea, Zoe girl! Hatha yoga can be a nice way to start off. I think if you will love it.

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