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Thread: Just turned 62, to SS or not to SS

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    Quote Originally Posted by LDAHL View Post
    I don’t think that was the point. Nobody’s invulnerable, but I think a sense of purpose or meaning carries a definite survival advantage. It doesn’t need to be from your work, but could be.

    Victor Frankl made a powerful argument for that view in “Man’s Search for Meaning”.
    yes, this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkytoe View Post
    Seems to me that "purpose" is a nebulous thing. We took our SS at 62. Perhaps if I had had a career that made me jump out of bed with glee every morning, I would have postponed.
    I think most of the things that make life worth the trouble of living are fairly nebulous. Purpose. Love. Faith. Honor. Gratitude. Contentment. Wonder. Pretzels. Stuff like that.

    I havenít necessarily leapt out of bed eager to work every day, but when I put it in the context of building a future for my family, itís been enough to get me moving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post
    Yes, they were capped contributions as I recall for the last 10+ years of my paying into the system. Which seemed huge at the time.

    The past 10 years or so though, my SS contributions are off of a subject income of < $10k/year I suspect.
    THe social security benefit is calculated by averaging the top 35 years of a persons earnings, adjusted for inflation to current amounts. If you maxed out inputs for 10 years that puts your average somewhere around what an average wage earner would have over the course of their lifetime, so your benefit will likely be in the same range as an average person would get despite not having paid much in for a lot of years.

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    Yes L I have read that book and many others from people that survived.

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    Even if I would have continued working for 10 or 15 more years the ss payment was not that much more. Definatly not enough to continue paying in. I also had several years where I was maxed out. Not sure if there were 10 years of them. I definatly noticed the difference in my paycheck.

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