Right now the home is 16x80, so 1280sqft. Way too much to heat and cool for the 2 of us (soon). Stepson is off to college in another town in August, leaving the back half empty. The areas we do use now has extra space that is unused. Like, the bathroom in our bedroom is too big, the dining area in the kitchen is pretty much unused, the master bedroom has unused space, the living room is pretty large, as well. Cutting out the back half and excess space, I think we can be comfortable in a decent sized rv. For a year or two, anyways.

Hubby has already got plans to utilize some stuff grandma has sitting around, with her blessing. He's found some line drying poles, some old structures he can repurpose, 6ft fencing for our two little spoiled princesses (ie. doggies), metal barrels, possibly some tin for the roof of structure over the rv and porch, poles.. seems like he finds stuff every time he goes out there.

So many things working in our favor for this. I did mention I'm in Oklahoma, right? Grandma has underground house not far from us, so no worries bout tornadoes. There's a very tall pole on the property, 75-100ft, which may get used for local tv channels, possibly internet connection (a neighbor had inquired about it already), a cousin has deer stands up on our part which he's used for game for years, hubby has considered putting in a fishing pond out in a corner (they've had one before).. just so many options to consider. Hubby has warned I may have more quail than I know what to do with.

Right now what's holding things back is money, yee. Hey, I'm a pro at saving, it's in the works. Is there money saving strategies in this forum?? I've got years of tips and tricks under my belt. You'll probably see me posting, fair warning, lol. Proud cheapskate here. You name it, I've tried it I bet, haha.

I live cheap. There, I've said it. I'd like to live cheaper. Right now I've got things down pretty low: bought a used trailer for $1500 cash, did some sweat work in it, rent is $190 a month for lot rent, including water. Two cell phones cheapest pay as you go rate for the towers here, no data. Always working on electricity, hard in a trailer park with zero shade and hot Okie weather. Internet is my bone of contention right now, rural I get the only available, but no satellite/cable bill, we stream tv Netflix is my luxury. We drive older, used, paid vehicles, and shop liability only insurance rates for better prices, hubby is the shade tree mechanic. Groceries, I do it all: price book, bulk buying, cook at home, deep freeze, sale shopping. Eating out is a luxury, even then I'm looking for a deal (finally getting these boys to admit my cooking is better than eating out). The hubby has never thrift shopped before me, he couldn't believe it, haha.

We do have some what I call luxuries: hubby former smoker, I got him to vape, shopped around to find flavor he liked and buy in bulk, saving tons and keeps him happy. I am a homebody, and enjoy gaming, so I do pay a subscription but save on paying 6 months at a time, I save gas and money by being entertained at home. Every once in a while we will rent a movie off Vudu instead of going to the theatres. Hubby used to get a tea at the convenience stores a few times a day, that adds up, so I got him a Yeti cup for tea we make at home and he still has his cold tea during the day. I make leftovers easy to grab for lunches instead of fast food when hubby is at work, he never thought of setting food on dash for a hot meal at lunch in his truck, at it tastes better than a big mac. These little things keep the peace. Give and take. These little things make it so I don't get too much laughing over cutting the dryer sheets in half or buying generic almost always on things.

Truth be told, I don't see things I do to save money as a hardship. Quite the contrary, I enjoy the hell out of it! This is fun to me.