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Thread: brave, social thing

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    brave, social thing

    Last week I was so brave and social! I am kinda happy with myself.

    I have been very interested in the maker movement, makerspaces, and all things related. I also decided to stop waiting for people I work with to be impressed by me and wanted to join more groups that I could potentially be in some type of leadership with. I am on an email list for this Maker Hub group and they had a board meeting coming up announced, everyone welcome. It was also at one of my favorite places (a recycle teacher supply store with a workspace, I shop there and know people). So I just went. I didn't even email ahead, or fret, or anything. So I got there and first saw my fave employee at the supply store which was nice. He also did a booth at the last Maker Faire. Then I introduced myself and one person there was the one who interviewed me for the Maker Faire website last year, and she immediately remembered my dragons. The head of the board was also aware of my work.

    I learned a lot more about the maker movement and stayed for awhile, but at 2 hours I had to leave and go home. Still nice connections.

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    Good job Zoe girl!

    i know how hard that is.

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    Sounds like you had a good day, ZG. Yay!

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