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    Quote Originally Posted by catherine View Post
    I used to pack away quite a bit of ice cream--my favorite indulgence back then. Banana splits with whipped cream and the works.

    Now, I don't have any crazy food meltdowns, but I'm a "sliverer". If there's a pie on the kitchen table, I cut a sliver...then another...then another... then another. And before I know it, DH is asking, "Who ate the pie???"

    The most surprising meltdown I had in a while was after I finally felt a break from an incredibly stressful week. I was driving past McDonalds. Since I hadn't eaten ANY meat in a decade and therefore hadn't been to a McDonalds in all that time, it was quite surprising to me that on that particular day I just made a swift impulsive turn into the drive thru and got two hamburgers, fries, and a shake and sat there in the parking lot and scarfed them down. And enjoyed it.
    I am so sorry that your sojourn into meat land was with Micky D’s salty grey patties. You needed a real hamburger. oh well, maybe mext decade!
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