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Thread: Happiness/Unhappiness scale

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    Happiness/Unhappiness scale

    This is not scientific. But I am curious.

    If you had to rate your happiness/unhappiness on a scale of 1-10 which number would you choose?

    1 is extremely unhappy (life sucks)
    5 or 6 is not really happy or unhappy.
    10 is really, flippin' happy.

    Gimme a number and a sentence or two why you feel this way most of the time.

    I know some of you might want to argue the way this scale is set up or what happiness really means, etc. Don't bother, if you want to do this, just ignore this question/thread. Just state the number and the couple sentence reason.

    If you would...

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    I will give it a go. Always about an 8. I cannot complain about my life as so many are seeing real difficulties. My husband says if the problem can be solved with some money, it is only an inconvenience. We have health and each other and our lives are as full and busy as we want. If my weight was lower, I might even say a 9.

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    6 on a bad day, 8 or 9 on a good day, 10 on those super special occasions (weddings/graduations....). A bad day is when I feel my talents are wasted/I'm wasting my time. A good day is when I get a lot of stuff done, have meaningful conversations with people I care about, have some downtime and some good food.

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    10 on the weekends.

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    Have been a 8 my whole life. I tend to look at the bright side of things.

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    About an 8 or so.

    “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself in your way of thinking.” - Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus

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    If you will allow me to substitute the word “contentment”for “happiness”, I am 8 for days/weeks/months at a time while dipping up and down beyond the number 8 for short periods.

    I am 8 because I am the master of my universe. I have no health, money, or relationship problems.

    why aren’t you a 10 then, Iris? You might ask.

    I am not a 10 because I am not a 10 kinda chick. I am drawn to the dark and the cynical.My idea of hell is women’s peison where my cellmate is Little Mary

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    7 or 8 on the average. I have good health, a few good friends, like where I live, and am financially secure, which off-sets some negative things.

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    7 or 8...mostly since I have gotten older. I have always been an even keel sort of person.

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    I am lucky to be alive.

    I live in a peaceful and quiet place.

    That gives me plenty of opportunity to reflect on life and exercise positive thoughts.

    Most importantly, I know what it’s like to be a 1.

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