Comic Con in Denver is this weekend. I get to go work at my friend's booth and get in for free! I am so tired the last couple weeks I have not done any costume work, so it will be a Star Wars t-shirt most likely. She sells kids capes and masks, but when she and her hubby tested the tutus in their kitchen they were too flammable. Her husband is a SUPER nice guy as well, he helped me at my booth for Maker Faire also.

This friend also introduced me to my roommate who is out of town for 2 weeks. Apparently she just got a call saying how much my roomie likes me and would live with me forever That makes me so happy, I wasn't sure how long we were planning but I would really rather not move again. Plus I started to use the meditation space in the basement and right now have a bunch of work stuff all spread out there. I did some weeding that I like and started a pile to get picked up by junk haulers when we get it all ready.