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Thread: Yank the breastfeeding baby from her mother if mom has the nerve to be seeking asylum

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    I think Dr. Suess's political commentary from 1941 sums it up pretty well.


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    Vile racist/nationalist Stephen Miller is taking credit for this policy. His parents must be relieved he's separated himself from them--and his Jewish roots, apparently.

    And, in related news, I got a mailing from whatever that Koch Brothers money-raising arm is called last week. I have two questions: one, why on earth would they think, from anything I've ever said or done or joined, that I would want to be associated with anything related to them, and two--what the hell do they need money for?

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    I was going to start a thread regarding this topic but I see I've been beaten to the punch by another poster. What to say about this vile and evil and inhumane policy showing the entire world exactly what the United States stands for/is all about? One the one hand, there is a part of me that is glad that the entire world is learning more and more with each passing day that the best move is to kick the American way of doing things to the curb and find other alternatives - this can only be good for both the planet and the human race going forward.

    On the other hand, I see likenesses, more and more as time goes on, of this country becoming like Germany in the early Nazi years. And by this I mean before the death camps were started and before the train cars whisked Jews and others off to these camps. I'm talking of Germany in the early to mid 30's.....I'm seeing more and more of this complete and total disregard for humanity and human rights. It's always been there, of course, and one of the perks of having experienced poverty in America is that this fact is right in front of your face 24/7/365 - with some occasional by-passes such as expanded Medicaid. It's still there, though, and one thing I can thank the Trump Administration for is for making what America truly is clear to the world.

    All that said, I worry for my health lately a bit. I'm really running down with all my activism against this border evil and with my activism against the Mesa, Arizona Police Department, which has been caught in video engaging in yet another new police brutality event, this time against a young man named Jose Luis Conde, whom officers illegally and brutally beat and then mocked at a local hospital - all on video, thankfully, so that young Mr, Conde, if smart, will never have to work again another day in his life courtesy of the pension accruing sociopaths employed by the Mesa, Arizona PD.

    And I'm getting off topic. I managed to take a day off today as I'm completely run down. As to these issues, today I will post this and as for the rest of the day, I need to unplug as all this insanity is taking a toll on me. I don't know the future of this country but thankfully I've been able to save money due to being in lower level management and I've also got my two bags packed as I don't see any positive in the future of this country - something I believe that the Trump Administration is making brutally clear to those American citizens capable of seeing unpleasant reality for what it is. I'd recommend two bags paced and no trust or faith in America for all personally, and I'm glad to see this wisdom drifting upwards among the social classes a bit these days.

    This new policy of separating families at the border - this is akin to a final nail in a coffin. How could anyone realistically have any faith or trust in the United States of America going forward? It truly boggles my mind that there are people who do......LOL not my monkeys, not my circus, not my issue as I don't have this problem.

    Some good news though is that after being closed for eleven months, the main branch of the Phoenix Public Library has finally reopened......after damage from a monsoon storm last mid-July which set off the sprinkler system in the library after hours, flooding to some degree all five floors and causing a great deal of damage. Anyway, the library is finally open again and I'm heading there today to unplug and do research on anything other than the issues I've just discussed. Rob

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    Rob, enjoy being in the new library.

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