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Thread: Green Smoothies

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    Green Smoothies

    I whipped one up, with a combination of wild and storebought ingredients.

    strawberry leaves (3 at a time)
    lamb's quarters (tips and upper leaves)
    sunflowers (cut micro-greens, less than 1.5 inches tall before cutting)

    From Garden:
    Italian parsley

    chia seed (hydrated for about one hour)
    frozen concentrated orange juice
    slivered almonds

    My blender can handle ice cubes, so I blended all the ingredients together with filtered water and ice cubes. I enjoyed drinking the smoothie... and brushing the greenness off my teeth afterwards!

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    Yours is much more inspired than mine. Today's ingredients: spinach, chia seeds, four strawberries, one frozen banana and cashew milk.

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    I have a smoothie over half of all mornings for breakfast and this is my favorite time of year. I can walk out to my raised bed and collect spinach, chard, and beet greens. I always add a scoop of vegan protein powder plus almond milk and banana or berries, but try to keep ingredients down to one green and one fruit just for simplicity. I know a fellow who adds purslane to his smoothies. It grows as a weed in my yard but have not tried it. It's supposed to be highly nutritious.

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