This organization with support from news media from around the world is sharing good that is a counterfact to the gloom reported each day. you might enjoy a change from the continuing dramas that pervade North American news.

Impact Journalism Day, is June 16, 2018.

Quoted from the Christian Science Monitor, June 16/18.

"“Headlines tend to paint a bleak picture of our world: conflict, terrorism, hunger, climate change, social injustice – the list goes on. We are indeed facing complex and seemingly insurmountable challenges,” writes Christian de Boisredon, founder of Sparknews. “Yet the full picture also offers solutions and reasons for hope.”"In Marrakesh, Morocco, the Amal restaurant holds a special place in locals’ hearts, not just for the daily specials, but also for the women who cook them. The restaurant is run entirely by disadvantaged women who have come to build a professional future. “Above all, what stands out for me is the joy of these women,” the founder says.

Making change means changing old mind-sets. In Madagascar, a program that supports women entrepreneurs has helped those women expand their horizons and see new opportunities.

People from across Southeast Asia flock to Taiwan as migrant workers, hoping to return home with new prospects. But many return no better off than when they arrived. So two locals started a foundation to help them bring something back – a new language, new skills, and new hope.

From great need comes great ingenuity. During the financial crisis in Greece, the need was certainly great. One solution that emerged was a new way to connect people to what they needed.

Some 100,000 children come into contact with the legal system in Switzerland every year. But how well are their interests represented – or even sought? One woman has taken a leading role in making sure that the Swiss child welfare system actually serves children.

The rules for many migrant farm workers in southern Italy are laid down by the “agromafia” – and they are harsh and illegal. But there’s a backlash growing – one tomato at a time.

As the cities of Nigeria have grown, so have slums and squatter settlements. The housing deficit nationwide is estimated at 17 million units. One solution is both innovative and traditional and offers the promise of a home that works with the environment.

For women in the African nation of Burkina Faso, the steps out of poverty are daunting. Often, they need help learning a skill and gaining even a basic level of education. That’s what La Saisonnière was founded to do.