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Thread: Mischievous Rodents

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    Mischievous Rodents

    We have a bumper crop of chipmunks this year and plenty of squirrels. This is fine in most regards. We enjoy watching them and feed them along with the birds. However, they are really wreaking havoc on my container plants, lots of digging and apparently burying sunflower seeds. I looked online and saw used kitty litter and hot pepper mentioned as deterrents. Used kitty litter is an abundant resource around here and we also have some red pepper flakes. I am trying both in different pots to see which is more effective. Two large pots have edibles, so I would not want to add the kitty litter to those. If kitty litter is effective, I will use it in all the non-edible containers. I'll post my results.

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    Squirrels are nasty tree rats.

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    Oh, Iris Lilies I agree....I despise both squirrels and chipmunks and groundhogs, now!

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    My feral cat brought a baby rabbit to me this morning. I said "good kitty". I wish the cat would climb trees and get the squirrels! I've had to replant the window boxes on the porch railing 3 times already! Damn squirrels.
    We do use Repel All on our dormers and barn roof on the studio because the squirrels are chewing the wood. I asked DH yesterday if we ought to start spraying it on the porch and birdfeeders but I don't want to drive the birds away.
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