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Thread: So sad for my daughter

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    So sad for my daughter

    The bad breakup continues, it has been 2 months and she is trying to get the final stuff out of the house. I braved it and went over today. The condition of the house is worse than I thought. First of all there is a literal pile of junk in the yard, she said it has been there 5 years and was there when they moved in. I am freaking out in my mind about how it just never got put out. Denver has this amazing thing, every 2 months you can put out large items and extra trash for free. They just had to put it out!!

    The bathroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned in a year, the kitchen is very unsanitary, the backyard is dirt and weeds, the shower uses pliers to turn the knob on and off, there are broken windows with cardboard over them, just so amazingly bad. My daughter has been hanging around people like this since she was 15, probably drug related.

    There is loft she needed to clear out but had to have someone hold the unstable ladder. So I went in, held the ladder and took everything from the loft to her storage unit. I got her a storage unit next to mine so I have the code to get in and the extra key. Some of it just looks like trash to me. When I got back her boyfriend was back and she was already back in tears. He apparently has nowhere to go and is blaming her. He is also blaming her for everything and making her cry anytime he is around. She is almost out, the storage unit should hold all the hoarder stuff while she continues counseling to deal with that.

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    Sounds like a bad situation and so glad she is leaving it and him.

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    You're a good mom for helping. It's a major step in the right direction to simply be removed from a situation like that. I hope she also cuts off ex-bf from her social media and phone contacts, otherwise it's too easy to be drawn back in.

    I have to say that as a female, it's culturally ingrained in us to want to be in a relationship and we are conditioned from a young age to consider romance the highest life goal. So naturally a break-up is very emotionally difficult. Once the dust settles and she gives herself time to get over it, I think she'll see more clearly. Life can only get better, and it's especially great with the right person! Best to her.

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