Wow, this was more fun than last year because I kinda knew what to expect, however I didn't do any costumes this year. My friends were a family costume of trollhunter that was awesome! I think the best family costume and not just because they are my friends. So many awesome costumes, I only got a photo with one who was an excellent Ghostrider (I have seen him in Agents of Shield). I went to 2 programs, one on wigs and another on makeup and special effects. I learned a lot about making fake scars and body decorations. Believe it or not puffy paint (like you give kids to use) works for a lot of things.

Our booth was across from the kids educational area,the Denver one is run by PopCulture classroom. I have worked with them on afterschool programming before and love their organization. We could pop over and learn to draw characters, meet the writer of kids' books, etc. My friends have a 5 year old and one of their helper families has 3 kids. I actually traded last year an octopus toy that I make for something they got from Nightmare before Christmas and the little girl loves it and sleeps with it, so happy.

So I came up with my idea for next year, I want to be Mrs. Which from Wrinkle in Time. That is Oprah's character. I wanted to do something that involved my white hair. I learned a lot from the wig class but I think I want to do temporary extensions instead and I have a friend who does them for people. I almost tried to pull off a Shepherd Book from Firefly. If I can get my hair to go all crazy poofed out I will do that one day next year, I just need a gray shirt and minister collar.