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Thread: Cute little house

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    Yes, this is an extreme house, but there's something about its simplicity that is appealing to me. At the same time, I get why many wouldn't like it as a "live-in" house.

    So far, my experiment living with my SO in a 700 sq ft space is telling me that its not an issue. In fact, I LOVE it. If I misplace something, a quick scan turns it up. I am finding it's much more efficient to just do the few dishes we use rather than load up the dishwasher--in fact, we may replace the dishwasher with a hot water heater larger than the 10 gallon one we have now! (What's the use of a nice clawfoot tub if you can't get enough hot water?)

    I know it's summer, and winter might tell me something completely different, but I am so totally fine with living in a small house it's surprising in a very pleasant way. I have just what I need, and no more.
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    How nice Catherine, to be so content with your choice.

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