I love personality tests and descriptions and all that stuff (INFJ of course). I was looking up some things about being empathic since that is a struggle for me and found something new, Alpha Empath. Very interesting. I have read over the years about HSP, empathy and my INFJ category and still felt a bit off because there are some strong traits that I have that don't seem to fit.

This alpha empath description was less a passive type empath and more of an active one who has some awareness maybe of being this way in the world. I just found these traits very interesting.
* can be a great leader because they can read the room and build up support for their ideas or projects
* very high in human connection leadership, collaboration and cooperation
* no tolerance for poor behavior towards them in the workplace
* no room for passive aggression
* Unlikely to be manipulated, can see through covert attempts at manipulation
* very rewarding relationships because they can read their partner and believe that when they are both getting needs met that is better than just getting their own needs met

In all the descriptions of aspects of my personality that is the first one that said I would have good relationships! I think it can be true, I honestly don't feel resentment when I come to a cooperative decision with other people. So I am not going to ever complain because I really wanted Chinese food but the group agreed on pizza, because when the group is happy it makes me content. Even at work I will be fine with decisions that benefit us all or are made cooperatively like our new dress code. I just notice when it gets really out of balance, and I notice those underlying attempts at manipulation. That is a boss thing right now, and unfortunately other people don't see it. I do also see as an empath so many layers of what people are acting from, and how they may not be aware, and what causes it. Sometimes that makes me a softy in life and work. If I was a teacher/coach to my boss I know exactly where I would start. I have softened around my mom in many ways as I am more open to her.

I am focusing on the positive of this, I can be a great leader. I remember times I just took charge and talked everyone into my great idea (my best was an eco friendly camp with nothing that wasn't recyclable or compostable) and they really liked it too. Something about that energy and focus on bringing in their ideas cooperatively really got them excited. We had a very successful summer even the most difficult students I had ever had. This school year I had a small team with some changes, the new guy is really quiet and for a long time we didn't think he would come back. At his end of year check out he was excited to come back, very honest about where he wanted to grow and getting more of a voice.