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Thread: Social contacts

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    jane - I'm sorry to hear of your loss.... float-on, I'm glad your son is doing well! I was terrified when my adult son was away at school; he had several major episodes we were unable to help him deal with, other than to make sure he was not homeless, and he did eventually seek help. While he still struggles with anxiety and depression 10 years later, did not complete his degree, and is now saddled with huge student debt, I am more confident that he still seeks help when needed, self-medicates in a more positive way, and seems much more stable. I am glad your son is doing better. I understand the adult/parent dilemma; several times my son told us that had he would never have gone to seek help if he thought we would have been notified. He is now more sharing with us when he needs help, but then, he simply would/could not.

    CL, your social life seems fine to me; you certainly have much more contact than I do with people other than family. I am definitely an introvert and am perfectly happy to be alone. I have a lot of work "friends", but we rarely hang out other than at work; I have only one none-family person I classify as a good/forever friend, and that seems about right for me. Among my large extended family, this seems pretty common; YMMV.

    And I too think of this as part of my community, and you all as part of the social fabric of my life.

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    Chicken Lady, it sounds like you do a lot to reach out and engage with life and with people. I like your idea of joining an organization. Many people find that a faith based group is very helpful for all kinds of reasons. My church plays a major role in every aspect of my life, including social--maybe something like this would be helpful to you. Let us know how it's going.

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    My condolences too.... Jane.

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