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Thread: Gratitude today........

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    Gratitude today........

    Though I've been avoiding activism the past few days I have run across an article online to the effect that Michael Rosfeld, the officer with the East Pittsburgh, PA PD who shot and killed and unarmed 17 year old - he has been charged with criminal homicide by the Allgheny County District Attorney's Office. Who knows if the charges will stick but at least he was charged and for this I am very grateful today. It's wonderful to see a "law enforcement" officer held accountable for their actions......

    Once again, we'll see it if sticks. I called the Allegheny Country District Attorney's Office to Thank them from the bottom of my heart for filing criminal charges against this sorry excuse for an was such a joyful experience to sincerely Thank them for their basic respect for the rule of law and of human rights. So that's it for me today with activism......just had to express some gratitude for human life mattering a bit this time. Rob

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    Is this the one from the car chase with the car that was reported shooting at others, and the suspects fled, and two guns were found in the car?

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