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Thread: 1st sticky situation with neighbor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamsmith View Post
    Occasionally, as you travel my area of the country, you’ll notice a house with a large confederate battle flag either draped out a window or nailed to a barn. All southerner in em at all. If they’d have been asked to fight for Dixie, they’d have fled to Mexico.
    We all have to hang on to the rebel in us.. one way or the other.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    My SIL and her siblings inherited a cottage on a seasonal lake not far from me. They have an old pontoon boat docked right there and when the kids were small we used to go out for the day. We’d get on the boat and anchor offshore in a deep spot and all go swimming. They had boat parades during the Fourth of July, and fireworks. We sat around a fire ring at night and made s’mores, got bit by mosquitoes and talked. The kids fished off the dock.

    The cottage itself wasnt fit to be in during the winter as it had little insulation and was cobbled together with an addition here and there. Mostly though it was and still is a relic of the past when people couldn’t afford to go far for vacation. So over the years it’s need repairs which I did because I was local and had the tools.

    The wife and I can agree on one thing. If we ever decided to move again, it would be to a small lake house. There’s something about sitting on your porch and looking out over a lake with all its subtle activity going on, watching ducks congregate in the protected canal for the night, seeing and hearing a flock of geese, wondering about who is in the fishing boat on there and what are they talking about, looking into the shallow water at the bluegills milling around. And watching the seasonal neighbors come and go.

    I think you got a good thing going there.

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