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Thread: Retirement date - your thoughts?

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    My company is very rigid and hierarchical.

    People can volunteer for tasks they want (I've done so) and you usually get it provided it's not a promotion or would involve the company spending any money training or equipping you. When it comes to getting out of work folks do the passive aggressive mess up then I won't have to do it anymore, it will get dumped on someone else and they will have no say. I have been dumped on. If you are a patronage hire with connections in the company you are likely able to shed the work you do not want.

    There is zero discussion of career paths, no mentoring, top down only evaluations, opposition to any process improvements, no employee involvement in goal setting, no town halls, no suggestion box, no system improvements (we have an old DOS based program), and open job descriptions are written in a way to exclude internal applicants.
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    saying I'm not going to work on x, wow prima donna much? I can't imagine that working out well, and the places it works out well are not places you want to work at (where prima donna's are getting their way - oh no you really don't want to work there).

    So don't say what you won't work on because maybe nobody else wants that work either and they are paying you for it afterall. However one can ask for a lateral transfer if they want to do another role and can make the case, or mention that they would like to work on a, b, c or move into doing more work in a, b, c. This may or may not work depending, but it's more the thing where they worst they can say is "no" and yes some places they will say "no".
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