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Thread: Dog vacations and getaways?

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    Dog vacations and getaways?

    Have you taken your dog on a vacation or a weekend getaway? Any places you'd like to travel with your dog? Any suggestions or ideas for this sort of traveling?

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    We are on a 5k car trip with 2 tiny Maltese and a 80lb husky/Shepherd mix. They are happy as long as they are with us.

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    As a carry over from the other thread...much like Alan, our two are much differently behaved in the motorhome. We always take them with us, and take one big trip and several smaller ones each year. They are quiet and respectful of others when we are away from the motor home (we've asked).

    We do close the curtains and keep the air on. This situation even works when we go to the racetrack - extremely noisy environment and lots of foot traffic ( some tracks shoehorn you in!) And not a peep/reaction.

    Two tips - I bring bottled water and only give them that and their standard diet with no people food, and (related) bring plenty of poop bags.

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    We just got back from 5 nights in Des Moines for the lily conference, and we took one of our dogs. She is elderly, quiet, well behaved. She does not want to get up on furniture. She is a former show dog and is accustomed to riding in the car, being in hotels, elevators, and peeing on schedule.

    When in the hotel we put Do Not Disturb signs on the door, and let her roam free although we did bring a crate for her. She chose to sleep in the crate half the time there.

    It is good that we brought the crate because we took it along for what we thought would be an evening with my brother at his house. There were torrential rains, 8”, and flooding. We ended up staying at my brother’s house due to flash floods and our dog slept in her crate. It was all very comfortable. The next morning, since we did not have her dog food with us, my sister in law cooked her eggs. She thought she made it to the 5 star hotel!

    But generally I dont like leaving a dog in a hotel room uncrated. I dont trust hotel staff to stay out despite Do Not Disturb signs. With this dog I didnt worry because she doesnt move quickly, she would, if disturbed, just stand in one place.

    My big bulldog stayed home because he is a barker if crated and I dont trust hotel staff to leave our room alone. If they came in on him In a room, he might take off, although it is unlikely.

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