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    Quote Originally Posted by rosarugosa View Post
    I hit everything on my list yesterday, but underestimated the time that will be needed for the benches. I'm going to need 2 -3 more sessions to complete them. Alas, it poured last night, so I won't be able to continue today. I'm using oil-based stain, so no harm to what I did yesterday.
    If DH works on the gazebo roof today, I will help with that.
    I have little stuff to do today: make jug of iced tea, hard boil eggs for the week, was blueberries, make salads. Haven't decided yet what else to tackle - maybe finish housework.
    I didn't do iced tea or housework or help with gazebo. (DH accomplished a lot on the gazebo without my help). I did do the eggs, blueberries and salads. I also listed 4 items on eBay, and worked on the stripping kitchen cupboard project. The cupboard project is unsatisfying because, um, stripping furniture - need I say more? However, it is a "big rock," so I'm pleased to have given it some time and energy, even if I don't have much to show for it.
    I also rearranged the back porch dining area to help me visualize what we'll be doing with this space. I'm not so great at imagining without actually seeing. I do think it was a worthwhile exercise, and I decluttered a couple of items in the process!

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    I tried another recipe and got caught up on cleaning. A nice bonus was DS spent 4 hours removing all his stuff cluttering the dining room table and rest of the downstairs.

    For this week:

    1. Work 5 days (I am out of vacation time)
    2. Follow up with DS to ensure he gets an electrician in now that the house is presentable
    3. Try the remaining 3 recipes I bought ingredients for

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    So home from our long trip and was unpacking. I was hanging up clothes and realized that I had way to many hangers so filled a bag for the thrift store. Rosa, I stripped all the woodwork in a big old home when I was 27 plus the kitchen cabinets. It is hard work.

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