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Thread: Social Media and Mental Illness

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    Thanks for the excellent discussion, everyone. I've decided that I will continue to avoid social media. I don't count this site, even though it technically is, because it's not addictive and it feels safe. My depression is in remission and I've structured my life in a way that anxiety rarely rears it's ugly head anymore. I don't want to jeopardize that. I've worked too long and too hard for it. If that means I feel socially isolated sometimes, I'm okay with that.

    Life and relationships did exist before Facebook, after all!

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    My husband would tell you I'm addicted to facebook but really I've pretty much put every one I know on there as "unfollowed"....but I do get a lot of fun out of a gardening group on there.
    Float On: My "Happy Place" is on my little kayak in the coves of Table Rock Lake.

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    I've read an article about how the use of social media, particularly for surveillance use, actually triggers (or aggravates existing) depression. The surveillance use is particularly interesting because there are a lot of people who aren't necessarily active in social media in terms of posting or sharing their thoughts and experiences but constantly uses social media as a way to "check on" how their friends are doing. This is where all the comparison, jealousy, and even self-pity is coming from. Sadly, more and more people experience this "isolation" amidst the seemingly endless "connection" that social media brings.

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    When I did a study with my psych students, we found this to be the case, even with people not suffering from depression.

    Not a fan of Facebook, even sold my stock because I can't stand to profit from this.

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    Interesting thread. It is not going to surprise anyone here that I'm a fan of social media - not after all my police brutality/download video of police behavior to social media posts. I have not thought about mental health issues surrounding social media before....I do have a Facebook Page and I do participate on FB, mostly to keep in touch with any number of people I've waited tables with........but I can see for some people there would be comparisons going on.

    I guess it's not without it's dark side, many other things. Rob

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